Creamy Fusilli with Quorn

Hello everybody!

So it’s Monday, and do you know what that means? it’s #meatfreemonday YAY!!! So QuornSA is running a little competition over on their Instagram page. Guys! It’s a pretty epic competition, and you could wn some pretty epic prizes, and I really would love to win, because they are giving away some things that I am in desperate need of, in particular anew frying pan. We have two frying pans, a wok that I have had for a million years, with a broken handle that means I cannot pick it up by the handle without the whole thing spinning around and emptying all the contents all over my hot stove… (and despite being someone of a somewhat ok intelligence, I have made this mistake of picking it up by the handle on more than one occasion), my other frying pan is a tiny little flap jack pan that can make 2 flap jacks at a time… teeny tiny flap jacks… and it sticks… everything sticks to it, so it doesnt get used, like ever, but I keep it, because I’m scared of only having my broken wok… the pan struggle is real guys! So can we all agree, that I need a new pan, that is decent, and doesnt stick, and all my ingredients actually stay in the pan… I think i’d cry, of happiness!


The next thing on the list is a mini braai stand… now if i am 100% honest, I am not sure what that is, (like i’m pretty sure it’s a mini braai, andif it is… then that would be awesome, because it menas we can have vegan braai’s at other peoples houses, without having to awkwardly turn down the use of their animal covered braai’s) but we love braai-ing, and my husband is the master of the veggie braai, he even made us these like dark chocolate and banana braai parcel thingies at a recent family braai. So I am sure a mini braai stand would make our braai-ing adventures pretty epic! yay!

Dudes, they are also giving away a Yuppiechef gift voucher…  So before I became a mom, I was a big fan of this here store, but since becoming a mom, all my money is spent on my lil dude… (raise your hands if you’re in the same boat) It would be so nice to treat myself to something nice from a shop that I love, and yes, retail therapy for the win, especially if you’re a sleep deprived mom that gets major joy from whipping up some yummy things in the kitchen. (and as you have seen in the previous paragraphs, my tools are not the greatest, so upgrading them would be pretty rad)


Now lets talk about the Quorn vouchers. As you guys know, if you have been following me for a while, it has been many moons since I stopped eating meat. And 20 odd years ago South Africa was no where near where it is now as far as plant based living is concerned. There were very few options available, so I lived on like beans… but when I was 13 (I think I was 13, maybe 12, who knows) I was in the UK, looking for something to make for dinner at Tesco’s… And I spotted a freezer section of Quorn… peeps, these things did not exist in SA… It was so exciting, i could eat like a hot dog like other people, or have on of those ‘chicken things’… when you’re a preteen/teen, fitting in becomes important, well just not standing out so much, so finding something that made me feel a little normal was pretty rad. I know it sounds crazy, but my kid brain did strange things… When I came back to SA I was pretty bummed because I had to go back to my boring bean food. And then when Quorn came to SA (I dont know when that happened, i cant remember) I was stoked, yay… More options… The more options for non meat eaters the better, and the more options that you can find at regular grocery stores… EVEN better! So thank you Quorn, for making a healthier, plant based life more accessible, especially for kids who’s parents dont know what to feed their vegetarian/vegan kids! ❤

Anyway… I whipped up this dish, it’s one of my favouritest things to eat, and i haven’t made it since before I became a mom. So it’s been a while…  But it’s creamy and salty, and rich and all the flavours that I love, and I use Quorn savoury pieces to make them. So here is the recipe, it’s pretty easy and if you want, it’s easy to sub or just leave out some of the ingredients, i’ll make notes on the recipe:



  • 2 packs of Quorn Savoury Pieces
  • 1 can Coconut Cream
  • 1 large red onion (or any onions)
  • 2 or 3 Cloves of garlic
  • 2 sweet/red peppers
  • 1 pack of green olives (or any olives)
  • 3 or 4 capers (you could just leave these out, they are quite salty)
  • A big hand full of fresh italian parsley (Or basil, or both)
  • a drizzle of olive oil
  • Lots of black pepper
  • 500g whole wheat fussilli pasta (or whatever pasta you want, or rice if you’re into that, or just have it on its on, oooo, or over a big baked potato…mmmm)


  • Put everything except the fussilli and the coconut cream in a big frying pan or pot and fry until everything is slightly brown
  • Put on a big pot of boiling water for the pasta, follow instructions on how to cook your pasta
  • Once all your ingredients are lightly fried, turn the heat down and add the coconut cream, let this simmer while your pasta cooks (about 20-30 minutes)
  • Mix with your pasta, sprinkle with some fresh parsley and smash in your face!

Guys, i hope you love this meal as much as we do! If you try it out, let me know… I am going to post this on my Instagram, so keep an eye out on QuornSA’s instgram incase they share my picture, and you can like it and comment and tell them how awesome my entry looks (and if you actually tried the recipe, you can tell them how yummy it is too) Anyway…

Have a rocking day!



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