Felt Flower Wreath

Hello everybody.


So it’s totally been a minute since I last blogged (I’ve always wanted to say that) hahahaha!

A few weeks ago, my friend Ella from Just Ella Bella decided to do a little collab/craft challenge. Naturally I was stoked, because I love to craft! We put a vote out to our followers on what to make.. Something practical or something decorative.

My followers voted for decorative, and Ella’s opted for something practical. But both votes were pretty close. Our criteria for this challenge was that we needed to use scrap fabric with a half a meter limit, because if you’re anything like us, your scrap fabric stash is intense, and you have pieces that are a lot bigger than that… I was stoked!

I decided that because it’s spring, I wanted to stick with that theme and make something to add some cheer and brightness to my house and front door. and i havent made handmade flower since I got married, so I thought now would be a great time to whip out the old glue gun and get cutting. (note to self, buy a dye cutter, like seriously, I have a bruise on my thumb from cutting out all these petals)


So below I took some snaps of my flowers, my finished wreath, and some flat lays of the pieces/shapes I used to make each flower. Just note, I forgot to take step by step photographs, because my brain 100% sabotaged me. But I think this pseudo tutorial can be a starting point. I call it pseudo because I dont give you guys much in the way instructins, but there is a ton of visual inspiration and I kind of figured that if you look at the puzzle pieces and look at the final picture, it should in theory be figure-out-able… *I suck, I will get better at this*


This flower reminds me of those christmas flowers they always sell at woolworths around Christmas time…What do you think?


This flower reminds me of those white flowers I always see on the southcoast, they’re tropically and have white petals with a little bit of yellowyness (I dont know why I added the grey stamen thingies, but I thought it worked)


This just looks like a rose, or maybe a ranunculus, i’ve never seen one of those in real life, but I think they look kinda like this?


This was supposed to be a poppy, and then I got carried away with those petals… use less petals, and it’ll look more like a poppy! #justsayin


This is a daffodil. Do daffodils have 3 or 6 leaves? I should google that… ok yes, they have 6 leaves, looking at this picture now I thought maybe they had 3. Thanks brain for trying to trick me…


So I just arranged these on an old embroidery hoop, because I bought a whole bunch when I thought I would get into embroidery, and nope, needlework is just not my thing, atleast not yet… Then i glue gunned them like crazy… You couldgo all the way around, but I like this asymmetrical kind of look.


What do you think? Do my pictures make sense? do i need to be more detailed? This was such a failed attempt at a tutorial, Ella sent me a message asking if it was on my blog, and i was like, ‘I was totally supposed to write a blog post’… Yay for being sleep deprived…

Anyway, if you try these out, please let me know… you can share your picture on instagram and tag #ellavsali and @earth_to_ali so that i see it!

This was exciting, my tutorial next month will be better and have steps, and stuff… I promise, I know how, I was just pretty useless this week/month/year… hahahahaha!


Have a rocking day!



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  1. acraftymix says:

    LOL Ali, your tutorial was so much fun to read and the pictures helped a lot. I popped in for a visit from Just Ella and I’m loving the things you share


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