Review: Roxanne’s Rum Eatery

*EDIT* 23/04/2019 Roxanne’s is currently relocating (according to their social media accounts, so they are not presently open for business!


Hello everybody!

How are you all doing this magical hump day?

So this post is long overdue, in actual fact, any post from me on my shiny new site is long overdue. But things have been HECTIC. if you follow me over on Instagram, you’ll know that my lil dud has been sick and no one has been sleeping!

But luckily he is on the mend, and sleeping has been getting better and I am feeling a little more sane! I might even wash my hair tonight!!


So, just before Corey got sick, we went to the raddest spot for lunch. Roxanne’s Rum Eatery recently launched their new vegan menu, and we got to try it out! Lets just say, I was impressed!

Roxanne’s is a tapping into some uncharted territory with their menu. Most places offer a variety of meat based dishes with little to no thought given to plant based dishes. Which sucks for us vegans (especially when we also like going out for meals sometimes and spending time with our friends and family that may not be plant based) Roxannes offers a pretty large variety of plant based meals, that are exciting, and the best part is, anyone will want to eat them, even the ‘meat and potato heads’. I come across people on a daily bases that are moving more and more towards plant based living, some have gone all the way, some have made the first step and gone vegetarian, and some (like my husband was for many years) opt for a flexitarian lifestyle, where they will eat a predominantly plant based diet but will on occasion eat meat. I believe that every bit counts, and my approach is one of ‘strive to do a little less harm each day’ I think for some people going all the way is terrifying. So baby steps is what works for them, and I think supporting people on their journey (no matter how slow) yields better results than other methods I have come across. It took my stubborn husband years to commit, and I think most of his resistance came from not wanting to be associated with ‘vegans’, because if we’re all honest, they’re not always the most supportive or kind bunch for that matter!


So lets get on with this review!!!

p.s this post is PIC heavy! you have been warned!

The Venue

Roxanne’s is located at Pineslopes Boulevard, Corner Witkoppen Rd and The Straight, Fourways, which is just down the road from us, a big plus, as driving to the likes of Greenside or Parkhurst for tasty vegan food is sometimes a shlep, especially when you’re carting a one year old with you. The venue is stunning, industrial styling, with bare brick, tons of mother in law/s tongues, vintage lampshades, neo classical artwork and neon lights everywhere! The venue also has a tattoo both, which is pretty rad. It was empty when we were there, and I forgot to ask how often it gets used and by whom, but rum + tattoo shop, could be a recipe for a good story!




Now as I mentioned earlier, Corey came with, but this is not necessarily a family venue. We went for an early lunch and it was pretty chilled, but when we left later that afternoon, we could see some tables settling in for an evening of cocktails and party time. So it would probably get a bit rowdy, but we didnt stay late so I cannot say for sure.


The Food


We were invited to try out the new vegan menu, and we’re vegans, so I didn’t spend much time looking at the rest of the menu, but the vegan options looked amazing, it was going to be a tough choice. When checking out the menu, the vegan options are highlighted in green, so they stand out are unmissable. Roxanne’s also offers a dedicated vegan menu that they offer on #meatfreemondays (the options on that menu are the same as the regular menu options, just without needing to navigate through all the non vegan options) The other side of the Meat Free Monday also has a fantastic infographic with a bunch of info on how going meat free, even if just on Mondays makes a pretty big positive impact on the environment, your health and ultimately how many lives you save!


Hubby and I ordered two different mains and then went halvies, because I have major food fomo, so he has to share everything with me.

Dish #1: Chilli Con Carne PizzaDSCF0597-11

Deceptive Vegan Chilli con carne, vegan cream cheese & corn.


Mmmm! Hubby chose this one, because he is a pizza fiend!!! So this was a pizza made in a wood fired pizza oven, first win, pizzza made any other way is not quite the same! The crust was delicious, nice and thin and the right amount of crispy. The flavour of the chilli con carne was super yum, chilli is pretty much a standard for many vegans (maybe not so much in SA, but you head to the states and at a vegan cook off, you’re bound to come across a lot of different options) AND GUYS!!! The vegan cream cheese was soooooo good! So all in all this was a really great combo!


*TIP* ask for some fresh chilli to sprinkle over your pizza to take the flavour to the next level.

Dish # 2: Vegan TacosDSCF0599-12

Vegan Crumbed cannellini beans and lentil balls, pink slaw, smashed black beans, corn picada topped with guacamole, spicy tomatillo sauce, quinoa and coriander.


So this is the dish that stood out most for me on the menu. I like a dish with a lot of different elements and I guess, I want to see how they all pull together. Well, they did it, I really enjoyed this meal. (Can you tell me we like Mexican inspired food hahaha) I opted for soft shell taco’s because I have never been able to figure out how to successfully eat a hard shell (if you have tips, please let me know). The guac was super creamy and I loved the pink slaw. The bean and lentil balls were really tasty, and I love lentils, so anything lentil-y is a win for me… Every now and then i got a punch in the face from the coriander, which was surprisingly delicious. I have coriander days and ew days, luckily that day was a coriander day!


Dish # 3: Guilt Free Vegan cheesecake topped with tipo tinto infused naughty berries.


Yoh!! Guys, I have had a lot of vegan cheesecakes, some that I have made, and some that others have made. Some have been winners and some should not have even been called cheesecake… (some of those really bad ones even came from my oven… shhhh, don’t tell anyone!) But let me tell you guys something, this vegan cheesecake was sooo yummy! The ‘cheese’ part was really really tasty and creamy, but my favourite part was definitely the crust, holy macaroni… thats all I can say, it was sooo good. Hubby and I shared one slice, and I really think I need to go back and have another slice! The berry topping was yummy too, we still ate it, even though they were ‘naughty’ berries…


The Drinks

Roxanne’s rum eatery, as its called has a massive selection of exciting looking cocktails, shooters and jugs. Even i was impressed and I don’t even drink. With that being said, if you don’t drink but want to have a fun night out with your friends, or you’re the designated driver for the night, the virgin cocktail selection is not very exciting. I was slightly disappointed. We ordered a virgin Mojito and a virgin Piña Colada(which are pretty standard options in the virgin cocktail department) even though they were not very exciting, they were delicious!


The Piña Colada was my favourite, but I love coconutty pinapple-yness! so I guess I was biased!


While browsing through the drinks menu and came across the special latte section…. OMG, ok, so we drink turmeric lattes almost every day in our humble abode, I make my own spice mix with ginger and nutmeg and a hint of black pepper…


…but a beetroot latte, this was something new and exciting and special that I needed to try!


And wowsies. So yummelicious, it was earthy tasting, (like beetroot) I didnt add any sweetness to it and it was just perfect. I have been googling like crazy since then, because I want to make my own.


I mean, look at that face, does that not look like a face experiencing pure latte joy?

The Verdict

Would we go back again?

Hells yeah!

Would we recommend Roxanne’s to our friends?

Of course!

And do i think everyone reading this should get hold of a slice of their magical cheese cake?


We had a fab time, it was great chatting to the manager Daniela and our waitress ‘Halle Berry’ was awesome and really looked after us!


The venue is a great all rounder and has something for everyone, which is a pretty rare find especially in a country with a relatively small (albeit growing) plant based community. it is also awesome to have great vegan choices, instead of our usual options of a side of chips, a side of veggies (hold the creamed spinach) and a side salad (hold the feta) which is pretty much all we get when we go out. And then its awkward, because everyone looks at your sad plate of food and remind them selves why its ‘too hard to be a vegan’… Thanks for thinking of us plant based folk and thank you for making plant based meals available for everyone to try out at your awesome little spot!

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading about our new favourite local food spot, and if you go there, let me know what you had and what you thought?

Have a rocking day!



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