Magic Goggas

Hello my dears..

So today for #kidcraftfriday (I’m going to try allign hashtags to the different themes from the blog, lets see if it works out) we’re going to be making some Magic Goggas… As the weather starts getting a little cooler, outdoor activities are starting to get a bit more challanging… So I thought… Bugs are cool.. I love insects and spiders and snakes and stuff and I know with kids. they either love them too, or are terrified… Haha!


So while doing this craft, you can totally take the opportunity to teach your kids about some creepy crawlies. Chat about fun facts like ‘how many legs’ and maybe chat about how bugs are not that scary, and a bit of info about South African bugs..

Ok lets get to our craft. This one is a bit more involved, but that was intentional as I thought the longer this takes, the longer the kids will be entertained without them getting bored…

Things you need!!!


  • empty toilet roll
  • coloured cardboard
  • pipe cleaneres
  • small pompoms
  • googley eyes
  • scissors and glue(super glue and stick glue)


  • Paint your toilet roll whatever colour you desire
  • Glue googley eyes to your pompoms
  • Cut your pipe cleaners into 6 x 15cm pieces and 2 x 5 cm pieces and a 1x 2cm piece
  • Glue the 5cm pieces of pipe cleaners to your pompom eyes


  • Use your toilet roll as a stencil and cut out two cardboard circles slightly larger than the roll size to make the ends of your bug


  • Glue your 2cm pipe cleaner piece to the middle of one of your circle to create your ‘sting’


  • This part is optional, but if you would like to decorate your Gogga with stripes you can cut out stripes or dots or whatever you would like and glue them onto your bug. You could also use glitter, let your kiddos decide and have fun!


  • Once you are finished decorating your roll you can glue the circles to the ends of the roll.


  • Now the next part is a little tricky, you need to make three holes on each side of your bug, I used a lot of different things and i found using a screw and twisting a screw in was the best and neatest way.
  • Add some glue around each hole and pop your legs (15cm pieces) in each hole


  • Make two holes on the top of your rolls and here you can pop your ‘eye’ in . there, dont forget to dab a little glue at the hole to keep the eyes in place!


  • And Tadaaaaa… You’re done.. Go fourth and play in the garden with your lil goggas!!!

I call these Magic Goggas because there is nothing more magical than a child imagination, and these can be made however your imagination sees fit!!! as you can see, i added some wings on one of the goggas and I think they are AWESOM!!!


If you decide to make some Magic goggas, please let me know by uploading to instagram and hashtagging #kidcraftfriday and tag me @compassion.kid

I hope you all have the best weekend!!!




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