A Very Vegan Easter


So, it’s been a while.. i’m sorry. I was insanely ill, like sicker than i have been in many many years. I got a pretty serious chest infection which resulted in my relatively mild asthma being more like my childhood asthma. So just imagine, many attacks, general difficulty breathing, coughing all day and all night, for 6 weeks… So I am finally feeling like a regular human, thank goodness, because trying to care for Corey and being sick is not for sissies! like seriously!

Ok, back to the matter at hand… Easter. So we celebrate easter every year, but the fun bunnies and chocolate side, not so much the religious side. Easter is just another day to spend time with family for us, and we like to keep the meaning simple. Another thing my husband and I decided on long before we became parents, was to forego the Easter Bunny charade. I was mostly indifferent, but my hubby had some pretty valid points about trust and honesty, and i remember how upset I was when I found out these ‘things’ were not real. It’s one thing encouraging fantasy and make believe and imagination, its a whole other ballgame lying to your kids. Now I need to add this disclaimer, if you choose to practice these traditions, that is totally ok, we just choose not to and i thought I would explain why. Corey can still enjoy an easter egg hunt and doing easter crafts, he will just know that the easter bunny is not something that we believe in. Anyway, I digress, one day I’ll write a nice long post about the easter bunny, tooth fairy and father Christmas and break down my thoughts on this a little more.


Once again, back to the matter at hand. As a vegan, in South Africa, there are not many vegan options. And if you’re like me, well actually, if you are anything like my husband, not being able to eat chocolate while everyone else does is really upsetting. So I went on a little hunt, i asked my vegan friends, and I checked out the shops and found a small handful of yummy easter treats… behold, vegan easter yumminess…

Firstly we have these pretty rad 70% dark chocolate eggs from woolies. Because its only 70% its not crazy bitter and has a pleasant taste, I quite enjoyed these, and if you like real chocolate, i am sure you will too!


Next we have a trusty old faithful, but the vegan version, the lindt easter bunny, but in dark chocolate. there isn’t much to say here except this is a sure winner for all chocolate lovers!


Next we have a healthier option, but healthy in this case does not mean yucky tasting! These easter date bites from Woolworths are AMAZING!!! straight after taking these photos, I peeled the packaging open and gobbled them down in record time, the flavours were heavenly, and i may need to stock up to last past easter until I find a suitable alternative.


If you are not really into chocolate, I recommend woolies hot cross buns, the extra spicy ones. because, surprise, THEY’RE VEGAN!!! I think i have smashed atleast 2 hot cross buns each day for the last 2 weeks, maybe more, i cant be sure, I’m sure my thighs will reveal the true number any day now!


If none of these are doing it for you, but you still want some easter spoils and you are smart like me; you would have ordered some amazing easter t-shirts from Lucky Little for everyone in the family. I am especially loving Core’s t-shirt, ‘chicks dig me’ because lets be honest, if you have been out in public with us, he really is a little heart breaker.


Hubby got one that matches his personality, ‘i feel hollow inside’ and in the colour black, because it’s the colour of his soul.. hahaha! I kid, my husband is amazing, but he is a heavily tattooed guy that pretty much only listens to death metal and hardcore, unless I am in control of the music.


I went for cute, because thats what I am, hahaha! I kid, but I really loved this ‘hip hop’ print and I am so loving melange grey at the moment. I cannot wait to share our family photo’s with you all!


Corey also got a lil summin summin because he’s too little for sweeties and chocolate, and I dont actually think he needs to eat such things right now anyway. I ordered him this gorgeous little bunny rattle from La Fede, Chantelle, you’re a genius, thank you for making such gorgeous little goodies for my lil dude.


So, this list is not very long, and it may not be exhaustive, but this is all I have found so far. I was planning on making vegan marshmallow eggies, but hubby is in Cape Town this week, so the time thing is not on my side. I think next year when Corey is a little younger, we’ll have to find an easter version of the Switch Witch. That way, he can go on eater egg hunts and we can swop his findings out for vegan alternatives. And maybe donate the non vegan sweeties… but we’ll see, thats still a long way away.

Next up we have our easter craft. and guys, this craft was initially supposed to be one that involved hand prints, but Corey was just too amazed by paint on his hands, it just wasnt working, so back to the drawing board (I mean Pinterest) and I found another craft, and guys, it was PERFECT!!! so we started with the foot prints, (this required a left and a right foot) after struggling for a very long time doing just one footprint, I went back to the drawing board, I was not doing that again! hahahaha! So we ended up with this awesome lil bunny and egg. It’s simple and We managed to assemble it in a short amount of time.


So for this craft you’ll need the following

  • 1 A4 sheet of craft cardboard
  • 1 a4 sheet of green cardboard or paper
  • 1 small white pom pom
  • 1 A4 sheet of white cardboard with a footprint on it
  • glue
  • scissors
  • small drawing of a banner with ‘hoppy easter’ drawn on it
  • small strips of black cardboard
  • Coloured cardboard for small easter eggs (optional)
  • fullsizeoutput_2052


  • Cut an egg shape out of your craft cardboard
  • cut a thick strip of grass out of your green paper
  • when you gut out your foot print you can cut two little ears out of the offcuts too, and you can use the offcuts of white board to draw your banner
  • assemble your bunny by gluing on the ears, whiskers and pom pom
  • Glue all the pieces down, you can add decorated coloured egg shapes too, if you have a glitter glue addict, that could be a rad way to decorate your eggies.
  • We opted out of using the eggies because i just wasnt feeling the vibe, I think I got the wrong colours, maybe pastel colours next time? I’ll see, I still have a few days left, if I decide to add them I’ll be sure to share it on my Instagram account.
  • Thats it, remember to write kiddies name and year on the back, just incase you forget, or you are like me and you end up keeping it for 50 years and your grandkids find it.


So that’s my easter post. What do you think? stoked for some vegan action? if you decide to attempt out craft, please share it on Instagram with the hashtag #compassionkidcrafts

Have the best easter all you lovely people, enjoy spending time with family and enjoy the 4 day long weekend!



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  1. Chantelle says:

    Loved! Deff’s trying the craft 💕


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