But first… Coffee!

Yay! It’s Friday and here is my latest blog post.


So on almost every instamommy account and mommy blog I witness mammas confessing their undying love for coffee on a regular basis! I too am a coffee fiend, and as much love as I give coffee, coffee does not love me… I have chronic insomnia and anxiety, so a few years back I made the switch to decaf and only drink regular on very special occasions, which happens about once a year and then I regret it later on when I have heart palpitations and even further down the line when I cannot sleep… Booo! But this does not stop me from drinking good coffee and buying amazing coffee for my hubby wherever I go (and myself if they happen to have decaf beans).

So why drink coffee?

Well the obvious reason is energy of course, but coffee has more awesomness to offer:

  • Coffee is loaded with B vitamins 2, 3 and 5.
  • Coffee is known to boost your metabolism
  • Coffee doesnt cause heart disease
  • Coffee is LOADED with anti-oxidants!!!


So firstly, what makes coffee great? There are a few things you can look out for if you want to refine your tastebuds a little:

How the beans are roasted, this determines if your coffee is light or dark, I am more of a medium to dark roast kinda girl. As a side note, the caffeine content is generally the same whether you prefer a light roast or a dark roast.

Buying beans and grinding them just before making your cup will result in the freshest cup. Just try it, the flavour is generally richer and the aroma is stronger.

And finally, how you actually brew your desired roast. Finding the balance between water that is not too cold (your coffee will actually taste like wee) and not to hot (your coffee will be burnt. My preferred method of coffee making is using pressure, also known as espresso.

At the end of the day though, what makes a great cup of coffee is subjective! You drink it the way you like it!

Here is a little recipe for a hot summer day:

Blended Banana Iced Coffee


  • Half a cup of freshly brewed coffee frozen
  • one frozen banana
  • 1 cup of soy milk (you can use whatever milk you want)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Cocoa powder (optional)

Blitz all the ingredients together  scoop into a glass and sprinkle with cocoa powder to make it look pretty and smell yummy. If you want, you could include a spoon or two of cocoa powder into the mix to give it a rich chocolatey flavour.

So drinking coffee aside, coffee can be a pretty awesome addition to your beauty routine. Cellulite and coffee are note friends and using coffee as a body scrub can help minimise the appearance of cellulite. So here is a little recipe for a coffee scrub that you can make with your old coffee grounds:

Coffee Neroli Scrub


  • 80 grams Ground Coffee
  • 50 Grams Coconut Oil
  • 3-5 drops neroli essential oil

Mix the following together the ground coffee, coconut oil and neroli essential oil. Neroli is a great addition as it has cytophylactic effects on the skin which helps boost new skin cell growth. Just a note that if you want to use this scrub on your face, replace coconut oil with sweet almond oil. Coconut oil is comedogenic, so your pores will get clogged and this means you might wake up the next day with a whole bunch of pimples.

Well, thats all I have to say for today, I am looking forward to this weekend, catching up on sleep and spending time with my hubby, and making 6 million ice lollies with our awesome new ice lolly mould!

Have the best weekend lovely people!


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  1. Oh I am so going to try your coffee scrub recipe out! Thanks for sharing! Megan xxx


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