Warm Spinach and Pepper Salad


Hello everybody.

Yay blog post number three. And totally in the week it was supposed to happen! Woop woop..

Ok so the other day I made a giant salad for a family braai and I forgot to add a few ingredients, Corey was crying, i was trying to pack and cook at the same time, it was just chaos. Just as well I did, because the next day I ended up making this gem of a meal. Loaded with greens and tons of complete protein and red veggies so you’re getting a whole wad of anti-oxidants, this meal is a winner. Especially if you’re short on time and are married to a fitness and nutrition junky.  Usually i cook pretty elaborate meal and make home made bread and its quite a show, but lately, well, babies happen, and I want to be able to get something prepped in a short amount of time but I also think all meals should be an experience, so my food has to be yummy.fullsizeoutput_1e68All these ingredients happen to come from Woolies, but you can get them from most grocery stores, except the 7 grain mix. This little pouch of magic ‘is a robust combination of modern and ancient grains that are full of delicious earthy flavours’. When you need grains, and you need them stat, Woolies has you covered. So I’m not going to make this one of those over the top recipe posts where I talk about random shit for hours before we get to the actual food part, so here it goes:




chop the peppers and onions in big chunky pieces and add them to your wok with a few big glugs of olive oil and start sautéing. crush your garlic and finely chop your chives and add to the wok. At this point you can add your chilli’s or you can save them for once you dish up if you’re sharing with littles. We eat a lot of chilli and curry in our house, so Corey has had a few tastes here and there, mostly because he is hounding us for a taste, and so far the reaction has been mild, of course I don’t want to give him too much and give him an upset tummy, but if he wants to try, we’ll give him a tiny taste of whatever we’re eating.Ok, back to the recipe. We’re going to sauté this mix for about 15-20 minutes now, at this point you can add some ground salt, I will usually twist my grinder for about 30 seconds and black pepper, I will twist for about 5 minutes, but my pepper grinder really takes forever, so go according to what you know you like. After you’ve fried and stirred and fried and stirred for about 20 minutes on medium to high heat, you can add the tin of tomatoes and cook for a further 10 minutes stirring regularly. Then add your beans, peas and 7 grain mix and let them warm through for about 5 minutes and just before dish up time you can fold in your fresh baby spinach.

And guys, that is it!!! Seriously, so easy, so quick… And really doesn’t require a lot of brain power.


If you try this out, let me know how it goes. Was it yummy, was it missing something? Did you make changes? How did they work out?

Have the best day everybody!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. itsamomslife2017 says:

    Going to try it this weekend!!!!


    1. CompassionKid says:

      Yay! xxx


  2. This looks so delicious! Megan xx


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