5 Products For A Greener Baby


***EDIT*** Hi Guys, I just realised I didn’t tell you where you can buy these wonderful items, please see hyperlinked headings and you’ll be taken to the wonderful places on the interwebs to buy them!***

Good afternoon everybody

So this post has actually been quite a challenge to get out. This week has been crazy, mostly with the heat, it seriously kills me, I cannot actually function properly. sounds dramatic, but it sucks for me! So, I wanted to chat about how much crap we throw away on a daily basis when we have small humans or how much we get rid of as they grow up. Nappies, food packaging, bottles, clothing, toys, wipes, toiletry packaging… the list is endless, and if you are the opposite of a minimalist, your list is even longer.

When starting our parenting journey, I spent a fair amount of time online, trying to make sure i had everything we needed. Making sure we didn’t kill the planet in the process. I really really care about the planet guys, mostly because its where all the animals live. I care more about animals than anything else in the world after my husband and Corey (of course) and if we destroy the planet, the animals go too. Thats enough hippy talk from me, there will be sprinklings of it in each post going forward I assume.

During my research, i found a bunch of great products, these aren’t novel ideas, but everywhere we go, people comment on the kiffness of some of the products we use. So my assumption is that everyone wants to try a little harder, they just don’t really know where to look. So I have put together a list of my favourite green baby products in hopes that someone out there reads this and tries a little harder.

Pura stainless bottles from Faithful to Nature 


Plastic baby bottles, this is what most people use, most people also buy like six thousand plastic bottles for some reason I still do not understand. Maybe because of all the sterilising? I’m not 100% sure, if you’re a mom with more than 7 bottles, please explain why, no judgment, I just don’t understand why so many bottles are needed.

We have 6, 325ml bottles, with 6 fast flow nipples and 2 sippy cup tops. The bottles are the best, they are soooo easy to clean, they will last until your kid is a teenager, they can be used forever with the interchangeable tops. Nipples, sipper spouts, straws, and sports cap.

Why are Pura Stainless bottles the best?

Simple, stainless steel is completely recyclable! Yay! No plastic!

Sophie La Girafe from Faithful to Nature


Before Corey came a long I did a lot of research on eco friendly teethers. I was generally nervous about most of them because I have a super vivid imagination and I am super skilled in the art of risk identification that I had a lot of scenarios that could be googled. I also googled some interesting things about Sophie, like ‘are Sophie’s legs a chocking hazard’. Turns out, some people think they are, but I kinda felt that as far as risks are concerned, that was not something to be too concerned about. 1, you can just pull Sophie out of your lil bundle of joys mouth because the rest of Sophie cannot fit in there, and 2, babies gag, their mouths are a lil more sensitive in the gag reflex department, so with that in mind, my worries were few. Admittedly when I first came across Sophie, a ridiculously expensive little giraffe teether, I wanted it for the cool factor. I wanted my kid to have the best of everything, and according to the internet and many many celebs, Sophie was the best. If I had a Sophie, everyone would also think I was super cool and they would be so focused on the cool shit that Corey has, that no one would notice if I had no idea WTF I was doing! I kid you not, I thought these things!

So I bought Sophie, on sale, online somewhere, and she lived in her little box till I started Compassion Kid and then I used her in some flat lays to show everyone how cool I was.

So Corey came home and I was like ‘here, gnaw on Sophie’ even though at this point he wasn’t teething. I was so bummed guys, all I could think was, ‘dammit, that was expensive and he doesn’t even like it’. Fast forward a few weeks, its 10pm, Corey is screaming and gnawing on his fingers because world war three is happening in his mouth, and my husband is holding him asking in panic ‘where’s Sophie’ and I am tearing our house apart trying to find this dam teether which had become the ONLY thing that our lil dude would use to soothe his owie little gums. So yip, totally worth it, at least for us. Corey doesn’t really like other teethers, so its Sophie or like the leg of a chair, the other day he crawled up to me and tried to chew on my toe. So he’ll chew on anything, but not any teether.

Why is Sophie the best?

Sophie is handmade in France using 100% natural rubber and food quality paint. She is BPA- and phthalates free and is the safest toy for your baby.

Natursutten Pacifier from The EcoBaby Company


Next up on my list of 5 steps to having a greener baby is Natursutten. I was a little worried about these because I had bought a whole bunch before Corey came home without thinking about ‘what if he doesnt like them’. Rookie error if I’m honest, I remember being on holiday with my sister and her kids and needing to find one specific brand of dummy because she had lost all of hers and melt downs had begun. Well, the day Corey came home, I popped one of these bad boys in his mouth and he has been happily sucking away with no issues… phew. And now spits out other dummies, because above mentioned niece was desperately trying to get him to take hers, because she wanted his and he was not stoked on the idea. It was very entertaining to watch.

I also love that these are one piece. So no grooves or creases for gross stuff to live in. I’ve mentioned before that I am not iffy about germs, I am iffy about mould in my kids mouth and I’ve seen some kids dummies, with that little hint of black shit in between the pieces that make up the dummy. Thats mould and its nasty. So there is no risk of that happening with these little guys, which makes me a happy mamma!

Why is Natursutten the best?

So there are not many ‘green’ dummies available in SA. When I found these I was so relieved, because dummies get lost and the thought of just leaving behind a piece of plastic made me feel a little ill. Don’t get me wrong, we’re no where near being zero waste, but we are trying really hard to get closer and closer to that zero mark, and if using these dummies gets us a little closer, then Yay! Dummies also don’t last forever, or don’t get used forever, so if they were to be chucked, I really wanted something that again wouldn’t add to the plastic.

The dummies are made from 100% natural rubber, from the tree Hevea Brasiliensi, natural rubber is softer than silicone and won’t leave marks on baby’s face. Follows baby’s natural mouth movements. Larger shield designed to give your baby the same secure feeling as with breast-feeding. Uniquely hygienic, one piece design, with no joints or cracks where dirt and bacteria can accumulate. No BPA, nitrosamines, PVC, phthalates, chemical softeners, or artificial colouring.

Cloth Nappies from Biddykins


Corey has had a cloth bum 24/7 since the day he came home. We even had no water for a few days and we still managed to only use cloth! Cloth diapering in SA in 2018 is so easy. There are a bazillion brands to choose from and there is even a support group (www.sacnu.com) where like every question you’ve ever had will be answered.

We decided on Biddykins, I cant remember exactly why, but I think it was a combo of price of really amazing customer service and support. When I still had a Facebook account I was on their group and it was awesome, I learnt everything I needed to know to get the show on the road and so far so good. I’ll do a full post one day on the ins and outs and how we do it without any leaks!

Why are cloth nappies the best?

They’re way cheaper. I spent about R3500 for all my nappies and they’re all we’ll need until Corey is potty trained. Yay! Disposable nappies are not biodegradable. So by using cloth nappies we’re not throwing a bit of plastic away at every nappy change. We also use soap nuts for washing, so no extra yuck stuff going into the waste water, which means you can use your washing machine water as grey water. double yay!

I just want to add, cloth nappies are really not that difficult/scary, I do all my own laundry and I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my work load. I do an extra 2 loads of laundry a week, which is nothing compared to the massive amounts of laundry my gym junkie husband produces.

Sprout Ware spoons and snack cups from Faithful to Nature


We mostly make all of Corey’s food, but at the moment we are experimenting with BLW (baby led weaning), so either way these little jars are the greatest thing ever! Whether you have a small human or not, little reusable containers are super helpful.

Again, like with all the other things on this list, I was worrying about something that we could use did not exist. The idea of pre packaged food freaked me out because of all the waste involved, so making our own food and packaging it in these lil jars when out and about was perfect. Especially because out and about things get lost when you have a small human, and if I lose these, no problemo.

The spoons are also amazing, we use these spoons only. The shape is really great and comfortable to use. If you’re a soon to be parent, you must be wondering ‘isn’t a spoon a spoon’ NO, not all spoons are made equal, some hurt your wrist, especially if they’re the ones with the flat handle. I don’t know, I just know I like using these!

Why is Sprout Ware the best?

Sprout ware is made from plants guys!!! The cornstarch-based PlaStarch material is sustainably sourced and fully biodegradable. What more do you need as motivation.

In conclusion

That’s my list, I love these products guys, so much… my life as a green mamma is easy not challenging, which is the assumption most people make. It is also not crazy expensive in the long run as most people assume as well. We use less which means we spend less, which means we also throw away less. If we want Corey to grow up giving a shit, we have to lead by example.

I hope you have all had a wonderful day!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hanneke says:

    Lovely blog! Definitely trying the bottles!


    1. CompassionKid says:

      Yay! they’re amazing!!! xx


  2. mixtakespics says:

    Love all these products. I’m very interested in the bottles too! I am also using Biddykins and loving it! Did you get some of these products on Faithful to Nature? xx Good Job, mama!


    1. CompassionKid says:

      Mix, i’m such a silly billy, i totally forgot to tell everyone where to buy these magical things!!! I updated the post, but yes you can get some of these goodies for F2N… xxx


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